HPCCSS Mathematics Club

Our aims

C.F. Gauss (1777-1855)

"Mathematics is the Queen of Science. The Number Thoery is the Queen of Mathematics."


Our objectives

Our obejectives is to stimulate students' interest in Mathematics. By holding a wide varieties of extra-cirricular activities, we hope that we can provide students with a chance to develop a whole mathematical sense in this year.

In the coming year, we promise that we will try our very best in advocating the development of Mathematics who are capable of this subjects. However, we are not only caring those who are "experts", but also those who are weak in this aspect. We are always caring them and we will definitely devote our greatest effort to taking care of them.

In short, Mathematics, you can say, an abstract but inspiring subject. It's wasy if you can use it tactfully, but sometimes it can drive you mad, That's why Mathematics is just like an emotional magaician. We sincerely hope that our activities in this year would bring into a magical world.

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